Sculptural Bell Mobiles

Sculpted panels, windbells, and intricate links combine to create large-scale, elegant suspended forms that appear as if to float. Despite their heavy bronze and aluminum elements, these sculptural bell mobiles almost defy gravity as they interact with the wind and ever-so-gently sway. Using the lost-foam casting technique first innovated in the 1950s by Canadian sculptor Armand Vaillancourt, Paolo Soleri intricately hand-carved patterns and sculptural elements into dense polystyrene foam. Like the lost wax method of investment casting, lost foam casting takes advantage of the low boiling point of polymer foams which evaporate instantly upon contact with the molten metals being poured into them. Because the foam molds are destroyed during the casting process, each sculptural bell mobile is one of a kind - never to be made again, each one an original piece of art for the discerning bell collector. The Cosanti Originals Sculptural Bell Mobiles are provocative hanging works of art; they are at once architectural and structured while also delicate and detailed.


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