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View our selection of Paolo Soleri bells. Each Cosanti bronze bell is hand-crafted. Textures and geometrical elements may and often vary greatly than what is pictured. Cosanti provides images for all antique bronze bells to give you an idea of what a product may look like and its relative size. View our selection of bronze bell finishes.
Burnished Finish: Our large selection of bronze bells for sale are available feature a glistening finish that is achieved by exposing the undeveloped bell and its parts to an RPM wire-wheel. Our selection of Cosanti burnished wind bells feature a wide collection of subtle contrasting colors that are developed throughout the heating and flame exposure process. Each Prolo Soleri bronze outdoor bell features beautiful bronze hues and a variety of other colors. Our burnished bronze bells for sale include subtle colors such as green, blue, magenta, and purple. An acrylic coating is applied to each of the assembled burnished personalized bells to protect them from the process of oxidation
Patina Finish: We have a large catalog of bronze bells for sale that feature a beautiful patina finish. These Cosanti wind bells with the patina finish feature colors such as green, orange, turquoise, and red. Each bronze outdoor bell has been designed by a skilled artist. The actual design of each bronze bells for sale will vary from the samples in the photos.
Cosanti also offers a large catalog of other products such as ceramic bells, bowls & planters, jewelry, scarves, and cause bells.