Windbell Sounds and Finishes

Want to learn more about our bells? Discover the different sounds they'll create, and see how patina and burnished finishes affect their appearance.

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Our Bell Finishes


One of the two ways Cosanti Originals bronze windbells can be finished is with a verdigris patina. Most people immediately identify the distinctive weathered, matte green finish with its most famous model, The Statue of Liberty. Though most commonly green, the tones of a patina finish can range from reddish-browns and rosy pinks to vibrant blues and lime greens. Immediately after our bronze windbells are cast, they are brushed clean leaving the luminous bronze alloy. Left alone, it would take many years to naturally develop their distinctive greenish patina because of our Sonoran Desert climate’s low relative humidity. So, to accelerate the oxidation process that creates the beautiful patina finish seen in a rich green here, the bells are briefly dipped in a diluted acid bath. Over time, the colorful hues in the patina finish will become richer and deepen from their exposure to the elements.


In addition to the beautiful and classic verdigris patina finish, Cosanti Originals bronze bells are also available with a luminous and iridescent burnished finish. To achieve this lustrous and polished look, first, the bronze windbell is buffed with a steel brush. Then the bell’s surface is heated to the point where it's pure, golden quality begins to shine through. Finally, with concentrated bursts of heat from a small torch, the richly colored iridescent accents emerge. A highly-polished, lustrous burnished windbell finish can feature hues of magenta, purple, blue, and orange. Artisans finish these burnished bronze windbells with a coating of acrylic spray to prevent oxidizing and create a festive, shimmering effect, making them a favorite around the holidays.


The first windbells made by Cosanti Originals in 1955 were ceramic bells made from natural Arizona clay. Handmade today in the same time-honored tradition, our ceramic windbells are cast directly into sandy soil or in plaster molds before being carved by skilled artisans with tribal patterns, figures, animals, and designs inspired by nature and kiln-fired. Known for their textured, earthy, and natural monochromatic look, Cosanti Originals Ceramic Windbells are truly authentic Arizona desert decor.