Coming Soon! Cosanti Originals Ceramic Mugs

Coming Soon! Cosanti Originals Ceramic Mugs

 The Arcosanti Ceramics Team is proud to introduce a special project they've been developing over the last couple of months⏤Ceramic Mugs. Created by Arcosanti artisans Shanta Ambady, Sagarika Bhati, Angela Piro, and Ana Catalina, these handcrafted mugs are cast from the same original bell molds that have been used to create our iconic #706 and #733 bells for over 60 years.

Artisans form each piece into drinkware, and then individually impress or carve their original designs by hand in the same tradition as our bells, tiles, planters, bowls, and pots.


Photo by: Heath Vining 
 Photos by: Shanta Ambady (top left and right) and Ana Catalina (bottom)

The process all began with a request to design handmade mugs for the Arcosanti cafe.

When you visit Arcosanti, you'll discover the fingerprints of the do-it-yourself spirit at the heart of everything from the buildings to the furniture, made by hand through a collaboration of workshoppers, experts, and artisans. It only made sense to reflect that spirit in the cafe by having our own Ceramics Apse Studio design and create this special drinkware for both residents and visitors alike to enjoy. 

Photos by: Chris Kleine (left) and Taylor Morgan (right)

The prototypes went through several iterations and were presented in design review meetings where the community at Arcosanti could handle the prototypes and share feedback. In a nod to our classic Cosanti tiles that feature distinct, signature colors, these mugs have been glazed using our own traditional home-made glaze recipes, hand-mixed by our artisans.

Maria and Luciano Soleri Slip Casting Ceramic Bells, stills ca. 1971 unreleased KAET Phoenix Feature, "Paolo Soleri"

Ceramics is our heritage at Arcosanti and Cosanti, both historically and culturally. The very first bells made by Paolo Soleri were silt cast clay, which ultimately launched Cosanti Originals and became the foundation for his architectural projects to be funded. These ceramic mugs echo that history while also introducing something completely new to our product line.

Shanta⏤who many Arcosanti visitors may recognize as their resident guide from a site tour or their instructor for the Clay Pit Firing Weekend⏤shared, 

"In creating mugs for the cafe, we were able to bridge our two departments and create something that aligns with our mission of sustainability. It was very intentional that we think about who we are designing for. 

If you have visited our cafe, you will notice that we discourage the use of single-use cups. Instead we ask our visitors to enjoy their drinks from vintage ceramic mugs, sit down and enjoy the views of our mesa - limiting waste and inviting slow living to the dining experience.

Our cafe is a beautifully designed space furnished with handmade tables and chairs, a hand cast bronze chess set, and ceramic and bronze bell installations. These mugs will close in the final element of handmade design. We are so thrilled to finally see them be enjoyed by our community and visitors with the re-opening of our cafe." 

Photo by: Chelsea Oland


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Interested in learning more about the process and craft that goes into creating our ceramics? Check-out this special feature on the silt-casting process to see how our artisans transform simple clay into beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces. 

Photos by: Taylor Morgan

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