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  • What If? Quaderno 14 - Lean Linear City
  • What If? Quaderno 14 - Lean Linear City
  • What If? Quaderno 14 - Lean Linear City
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What If? Quaderno 14 - Lean Linear City

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“The largest sector of infrastructure needing radical reformulation is the one dealing with logistics and its far-reaching presence in all aspects of life. It might turn out that human habitat has to be realigned with the logistical grids serving it. That requires urban ribbons of modest width incorporating parallel roads, cycling pathways, public transit services, and stations for local, regional, continental trains.Transversal to the urban ribbon, the servo-systems complete the logistical grid.” [from the opening paragraph of What If? Quaderno 14: Lean Linear Arterial City]

This updated (from Quaderno 9) edition of Lean Linear City, edited by Lissa McCullough, features entirely new graphics by Youngsoo Kim and few other enhanced renderings by Adam Nordfors and Tomiaki Tamura. A new text on a developmental history of Soleri’s Lean Linear City was contributed by Tomiaki Tamura.

by Paolo Soleri
Format: 8.5″x11”, 48 pages, softcover
Illustrations: Over two dozens with some spreads
Publisher: Cosanti Press
Publication Date: 2012
Edition Description: First Edition
ISBN 978-1-883340-09-4