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  • What If? Quaderno 12 - Animism vs. Animation
  • What If? Quaderno 12 - Animism vs. Animation
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What If? Quaderno 12 - Animism vs. Animation

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“We are numb toward our novelty in this solar system, and the way this novelty speaks of both the need for trans-stewardship and the inevitability of self-demise. The one thing we know is that we are too young to be sufficiently wise concerning the things of this world, and thus we have occupied ourselves with inventing alternative realities. We have entrenched ourselves from the very beginning in an animistic domain of pure fantasy. This dysfunction, a clear case of other-worldliness spiraling toward the “central black hole” of nothingness, has long obscured and continues to obscure our portrait of both nature and ourselves.” [Introduction to Animism vs. Animation]

by Paolo Soleri
Format: 9.5″x11.75″, 32 pages, softcover
Publisher: Cosanti Press
Publication Date: 2008
Edition Description: First Edition (Qty: 1000)
ISBN 978-1-883340-03-2