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  • What If? Quaderno 11 - Arcosanti Genesis
  • What If? Quaderno 11 - Arcosanti Genesis
  • What If? Quaderno 11 - Arcosanti Genesis
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What If? Quaderno 11 - Arcosanti Genesis

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“Arcosanti: An Urban Laboratory is designed according to the concept of arcology (architecture + ecology). The arcology concept proposes a highly integrated and compact three-dimensional urban form that pursues the opposite of urban sprawl, with its inherently wasteful consumption of land, energy, and time, tending to isolate people from each other and community life. In an arcology, the built environment and the living processes of the inhabitants interact as organs, tissues, and cells do in a highly evolved organism. This means that multiple systems work together, coordinated and integrated to minimize waste while maximizing efficient circulation of people and resources, employing multi-use structures, and exploiting solar orientation for lighting, heating, cooling, food production, and esthetic impact.” [Introduction to Arcosanti Genesis]

by Paolo Soleri
Format: 9.5″x11.75″, 32 pages, softcover
Publisher: Cosanti Press
Publication Date: 2008
Edition Description: First Edition (Qty: 2000)
ISBN 978-1-883340-05-6