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  • What If? Quaderno 04 - Howness
  • What If? Quaderno 04 - Howness
  • What If? Quaderno 04 - Howness
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What If? Quaderno 04 - Howness

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“The road to feasibility is strewn with the corpses of the failed. The road tot he desirable is paved with all sorts of ambivalences, ambiguities, and repentances. Often the feasibility success is a further step into the Better Kind of Wrongness. The succeeding desirable is tautologically a step into a Better Kind of Wrongness.” [Entry #27 – Feasible-Desirable]

“The Whatness, Whyness, Howness, and Whereness (the When is a word game) is a wrong sequence. Becoming is mute in the absence of Howness. Howness does not need Whatness and Whyness to be operational; in fact, in the absence of Howness, intellection is absent. Howness needs only Space. Howness is the cavorting of Space. Eventually it is Howness that gives birth to Whatness and, a posteriori, Whyness. The desirable is, in a way, Howness that, a posteriori, finds purpose (Whatness, Whyness). [Entry #34 – Howness]

by Paolo Soleri

Format: 9.5″x11.75”, 28 pages, softcover
Publisher: Cosanti Press
Publication Date: 2004
Edition Description: First Edition (Qty: 1000)