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  • What if? Quaderno 03 - Earthcasting
  • What if? Quaderno 03 - Earthcasting
  • What if? Quaderno 03 - Earthcasting
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What if? Quaderno 03 - Earthcasting

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“Slip clay-casting in shapes cut into the desert’s homogenous soil has developed into cutting and shaping large areas to define the form of concrete that includes panels, vaults, roofs, and so forth; this technique allows free-forming and detailing of textures and colors. The casting’s texture and color are the building’s first permanent elements in this process. The foundations are the last elements: a bouleversement .” [Entry #111 – Concrete Earthcastings]

The third installment of Paolo Soleri’s monumental Quaderni series, Quaderno 3: Earthcasting explores the art of casting with silt. Luxuriantly illustrated with examples of Soleri’s own siltcasting experimentation, Quaderno 3: Earthcasting serves as an instructional manual and inspiration for those who want to know how to work with pigment, earth, and a few simple tools to make functional and beautiful structures. Whether a person is a beginner at siltcasting or an expert, this book promises to be informative and entertaining.

by Paolo Soleri
Format: 9.5″x11.75″, 28 pages, softcover
Publisher: Cosanti Press
Publication Date: 2007
Edition Description: Second Edition (Qty: 2000)
ISBN 1-883340-03-9