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  • What If? Quaderno 01 - Introduction
  • What If? Quaderno 01 - Introduction
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What If? Quaderno 01 - Introduction

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What If? Quaderno 1: Introduction is a definitive index of the other entries comprising the Quaderni. It contains the introduction, a table of contents (the 125 entries listed alphabetically), a teaser for each of the entries, a panoramic view of Arcosanti, and a Bubble Diagram. This index is an essential compilation for Soleri's glossary of concepts and terms.

“The question “What If” is antithetical to the phrase “Let me tell you!” As such, it is a work in progress: what if. . . then . . . Some others could pick up from there and go.

Soleri’s Quaderni series is a collection of writings clustered around the Lean Hypothesis, which is a minimalist take on reality. Reality is space in metamorphosis or the Becoming (the present); reality is also the registration of the Becoming into spaceless Being (the past).”

Covering over 100 entries (topics) that describe Soleri’s ideas, the series developed over several decades in the form of concepts, programs, and projects. Each entry, preceded by a teaser, is a bin of notions produced over the last several decades. Each specific Quaderno contains one or more entries–consisting of thirty-two to forty pages of text and/or illustrations. The entire collection is part of Soleri’s School of Thought; its main targets are faculties and students of colleges and universities.

Format: 9.5″x11.75″, softcover
Publisher: Cosanti Press