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  • Special Assembly #07-12
  • Special Assembly #07-12
  • Special Assembly #07-12
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Cosanti Foundation

Special Assembly #07-12

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This piece includes a bronze plate that has different carvings on each side, one representing the many exotic and graceful birds of earth, one representing the many fruiting and friendly plants of earth. The two #101 patina bells ring in harmony, representing the symbiotic nature of these two groups of life.

"Special Assemblies" feature Soleri-signed one-of-a-kind, never to be reproduced sculptural link elements, arranged into assembled compositions with our regular line bronze wind-bells. A Soleri-carved Styrofoam original sculpture was translated into either a bronze or aluminum sculptural link, via our "lost Styrofoam casting" process. Every original detail, including Soleri's signature, is revealed on the one-time cast link piece.


Dimensions: 27” x 7”