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  • [PSG-I] Twin Towers
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[PSG-I] Twin Towers

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A pair of grown-from-the-ground towers remind us with many of his ceramic and metal crafts, sometimes used as planters (pots) and windbells when used upside down. This form was also used in some of the structures in the Mesa City Project, a hypothetical city for 2 million people.

We are offering prints, impeccably reproduced from Paolo Soleri’s original sketches depicting a variety of Soleri structures drawn in 1970s. These limited edition prints are made in 2012.

Many of Soleri’s earlier urban structures were shaped plant-like, rooted in the ground. Their upward growth optimizes the maximum exposure to the sun. As if the leaves absorbing the light and collecting the rain to reclaim the dispersed energy in the natural cycle.

Soleri’s vertical towers integrate not only urban functionality within, but also resonate with the rhythm of the surrounding nature, sometimes referred by Soleri as “Cosmic Potentials.”