Our Artisans




Ali Gibbs 

Arcosanti Foundry

November 2015

"I never could have predicted that I would be managing a bronze bell foundry, though I'm glad that's the path I ended up on! The job is very physically demanding, but our crew has a lot of fun, and I get to make art with my friends for a living."

Dillon Quibin 

Arcosanti Foundry

April 2014

"Heard that."


Steffan Phillips 

Arcosanti Foundry

September 2013

"You have a lot of influence over your own experience at Arcosanti. It is what you make of it and I feel at home living where I live and doing what I do...by far the best job I've ever had."

Jonas Fister 

Arcosanti Foundry

April 2013

“WTC7 won't go away!"



Linda Fournier

Arcosanti Ceramics

March 2001

“I love creating ceramic tiles because it provides the opportunity to be creative with shape, design, and color while using science to succeed at processing and kiln firing the tiles to achieve beautiful results.”


Heath Vining 

Arcosanti Ceramics

June 2019

"Dream big and dare to fail"- Norman Vaughan 

Angela Piro

Arcosanti Ceramics

December 2021

“I have a job where I get to play with all of the elements. It is really beautiful. The process is brought over from Italy which makes me feel connected to my ancestors. I wonder if they could have done the same thing."


Erin O'Loughlin

Arcosanti Ceramics

November 2020

"The artistic freedom we have to carve the bells with a humble set of tools allows us to be creative on a daily basis while sitting in a beautiful work environment. It's my favorite office setting I've ever experienced."

Maitri Mehta

Arcosanti Ceramics

December 2021

“Clay is so versatile! It can become anything: a windbell, a planter, a water jug, a building brick, a toilet. Peoples have been making decorative and utilitarian objects with clay since the beginning of time; ceramics makes life possible.”





Warren Steckel

Cosanti Foundry

August 2004

"On our bronze bells, the motifs in my design work are inspired by my memories of the illustrations of the Emerald City in the children’s book I had about the Wizard of Oz."

Wade Lanphier 

Cosanti Foundry

December 2002

“After 18 years, I’m still inspired by the idea that someone will see my windbell, think ‘that’s the one,’ and take it home, treasuring what I’ve made.”


Larry Lo Presti

Cosanti Foundry

June 1999

“My grandmother had a Navajo blanket that I loved, so a lot of my windbell designs are simplified versions of what I remember on that blanket.”

Dave Tabor 

Cosanti Foundry

April 2006

“These people are my friends and that makes work fun. I like to keep it lively - I’m the clown of the group, always cracking jokes.”


Chris Hardy

Cosanti Foundry

April 2007

“I love working at Cosanti because of the opportunity to be a craftsman in an age of impersonal mass production.”

Jeff Hildebrandt 

Cosanti Foundry

October 2016

“I honor geometry in my art, and it fits me! I have heard it for years, ‘oh, you’re a math teacher? You must be boring.’ but I’ve embraced that as an artisan. I have dubbed myself ‘The Boring Artisan of Cosanti Originals.’”


Sue Lawrence

Cosanti Foundry

January 2022

“Working at Cosanti is a unique experience, for which I am grateful. I get to create in a beautiful and inspiring outdoor environment, and my coworkers are uplifting, helpful and kind. Molding feels like a grown-up version of playing in a sandbox, one of my favorite places as a kid."

Dakota Peterson

Cosanti Foundry

April 2021

“I am glad to be a part of something so out of the ordinary, and yet so resilient that it has inspired architects, artists, and the everyday visitor far beyond its desert home.”


Travis Mielke

Cosanti Foundry

November 2021

“Cosanti is a great place, from the product to the property to the people. It's amazing.”

Ryan Siemon

Cosanti Foundry

January 2023

"I find myself leaving Cosanti each day and still craving more foundry work. There’s this constant challenge to hone my artistry, find a balance working with the elements, and build my endurance. All while working within the most unique architecture I’ve ever seen. It is deeply enriching.”


Landry Low

Cosanti Foundry

January 2023

“These bells will last lifetimes longer than my own and knowing that I had a hand in creating something that will go on, singing in the wind and changing with the nature around it long after I’m gone is what compels me each day to imbue something special into each and every bell.”



Spencer Smith 

Cosanti Ceramics

November 2018

“Working at this oasis in the middle of the city has really made me appreciate the outdoors. The mountains, quail, roadrunners, and hummingbirds all influence my designs.” 

Cj Milewski

Cosanti Ceramics

May 2022

"Never did I expect to live out one of my childhood dreams already. I always loved seeing people excited over my handmade gifts and now I can do that for a living all over the world.”




Jason Catlin

Cosanti Jewelry

November 2012

"I am very grateful to be a part of the legacy here. To be able to impact my community and the world through creative endeavor is not only an honor but the goal of an artist."