Bell Finishes

See the finishes up close




Example of the Burnished Bronze Finish of a Cosanti Windbell: The unassembled bronze-cast bells and their bronze-cast components are steel-brush-buffed with a high RPM wire-wheel, in order to achieve a lustrous burnished finish. While still unassembled, burnished bells and components are initially heated in an oven, then subsequently flame-treated with a torch, in order to result in a varied surface mottling of metallic golden bronze highlights and iridescent shimmers of coloration. The colors are typically not brilliant, but rather subtle, and may range from yellowish-greens to greenish-blues, and from magenta to purplish hues. Once the burnished bronze bells are assembled, an acrylic spray coating completes the finishing process, making the burnished bronze wind-bells resistant to oxidation. When subjected to the outdoor elements, the burnished bronze finish will gradually dull and darken in time, somewhat like that of a tarnished penny. Due to the varied results, associated with the burnishing/heat-treating process, any burnished item ordered and thus received, will vary from the sample photo.






Vintage Bronze Bell With a Patina Finish: These Paolo Soleri bells include a highly variable color pattern that ranges from green to turquoise. The patterns on these Cosanti bronze bells also include colors such as orange, red, or all shades mottled on the same piece.