About Cosanti

Cosanti is the vision of Paolo Soleri brought to life. The word Cosanti is the combination of Italian words cosa (“things”) and anti (“against”), thus describing the minimalistic and sustainable vision for Soleri’s arcological communities. Located in Paradise Valley, Arizona, Cosanti is the headquarters, foundry, studio, and gallery for Paolo Soleri Bronze & Ceramic Windbells & Sculptures. Cosanti has been the headquarters for this nonprofit educational organization dedicated to architectural research.

Individually handcrafted using a mixture of bronze and ceramic, these Soleri bells delight the ears of those who travel along the winding paths of the Cosanti gallery grounds. Organic structures emerge out of the Arizona landscape to immerse guests in a creative, meditative experience. Guests can also view the dramatic bronze casting process weekday mornings at Cosanti’s foundry.

If you cannot make it to our Costanti gallery, bring the sounds of our Soleri Windbells home via our online gallery. Scroll through our selection of bronze and ceramic bells, individually designed to bring life and sound as they sway in the wind. Each Soleri Windbell is handcrafted, ensuring each piece is as distinctly unique and individual as the person who chooses it.  

Whether for your own home or as a gift, the unique tones of the Soleri Windbells will bring balance and peace as they gracefully flow in the wind.

Paolo Soleri (1919-2013), Founder of Arcosanti

Italian-born American architect, craftsman, urban designer, and philosopher Paolo Soleri spent his 60-year career passionately pursuing a more utopian cityscape that was environmentally accountable. His philosophy of arcology, the fusion of architecture and ecology, concentrates on a city’s relationship to the natural world and seeks to address issues such as urban sprawl, pollution, and food scarcity. Soleri’s intelligent and inquisitive approach to design has paved the way for many in search of a new paradigm for our built environment.

Believing creativity to be the base of urban planning, Soleri drew up imaginative, arcological solutions that would allow man and nature to flourish alongside each other. Original renderings from Soleri suggest vibrant, commercial communities interconnected by pedestrian-friendly parks and gardens. High-rises with smaller square footage would reduce wasted space and cultivate an appreciation for what nature has already provided. Soleri’s intelligent and inquisitive approach to design has paved the way for many in search of a new paradigm for our built environment.

Soleri’s seminal masterpiece and greatest arcological endeavor is Arcosanti. Arcosanti is an urban laboratory in the high desert of Arizona that has been under construction since its inception nearly 50 years ago. This project exemplifies Soleri’s steadfast devotion to creating an experiential space to “prototype” an environment in harmony with man.

Compact, pedestrian, and car-less, Arcosanti encourages visitors to live in the moment, something so rare in today’s fast-paced, consumer-driven world. Arcosanti offers classes, performances, and recreational opportunities to channel our energies into something constructive for the greater good of our planet and each other. It was Soleri’s hope that visitors of Arcosanti would think critically about their roles in bettering the world we live in and be inspired to explore what is possible with human creativity.