Designing With Cosanti Originals: Katie Reifman of The Velvet Cholla

Designing With Cosanti Originals: Katie Reifman of The Velvet Cholla

Katie Reifman, Founder, Creative Director, and Interior Designer at The Velvet Cholla, talks about designing with Cosanti Originals. She believes in building things that are sustainable and long-lasting. When it comes to interior design, she loves using Cosanti Originals because they are made of natural materials that will hold up over time.

"When I first moved to Phoenix, I lived in The Coronado neighborhood in downtown Phoenix. One of my neighbors had this beautiful bell wind chime hanging on their patio. Not only was it an opportunity to meet my fellow neighbor, but I also learned about the magic of Cosanti Originals." says Katie.

She describes her experiences at Cosanti Originals as being whisked away to a dreamland of sustainable earthen architecture dressed with these unique and ethereal metal objects as far as the eye can see. "It's almost like you're stepping into another world where art and architecture collide with nature, and you feel your life is better because of it!"

She loves that Cosanti Originals marries the ethereal vibes of the desert with hip and eccentric pieces that inspire conversation and bring our community closer together. Her design company, The Velvet Cholla, also marries these two elements: they create spaces that feel like they've been lifted right out of our client's imagination while still paying homage to everything that makes Phoenix unique.

"If there's one thing I know about myself, it's that when I'm designing a space, I want something that feels timeless but also speaks to where the client lives—and nothing says "Arizona" like Cosanti Originals," says Katie.

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