March 2022 Newsletter

March 2022 Newsletter

Artisan Spotlight - Celebrating "First Pours"; Ceramics are Back!
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March 15, 2022 Volume 24


Foundry Artisans Celebrate First Pours!

Two of our Foundry Artisans

celebrated First Pours in February!

Our Cosanti and Arcosanti foundries ended the month of February with the first bronze pour experiences for two of their artisans, both serving as tailers during the pouring process.


Bronze pours involve sharing about 150 lbs. of weight between two people. The job of the tailer is an "anchor point" that takes more of the weight during a pour than the heat master, who is the person controlling the flow of bronze.


Tailing for a pour requires significant leg, upper body, and grip strength, as well as good coordination with the other person on the pour team.

Mikayla Greene

Cosanti Foundry

Mikayla (who sadly is leaving us at the end of March) completed her first tail on Friday, Feb. 25!


She's been with us since January 2022, and while most artisans usually wait a bit longer, or mold heavier molds for a while as practice before tailing, our foundry manager Warren felt comfortable trying her hand at helping on a pour because she had aced all of the other foundry challenges that came her way. Not surprisingly, she did great!

Pictured: Micayla Greene in the fireproof suit trailing on the bronze pour, with Larry LoPresti following.

Micayla G. first pour. Photo by Liz Martin-Malikian. 2.25.2022.JPG
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Jesse Fernandez

Arcosanti Foundry

Jesse completed his first tail on Monday, Feb. 28! He has been a resident at Arcosanti for just shy of five years and began working in the foundry in Sept. 2021.


He has quickly become a skilled bronze artisan and has been learning the ropes with our foundry team-members offering plenty of support along the way.

Pictured: Jesse Fernandez in the fireproof suit trailing on the bronze pour with Molly Almeida following.

Photo credits: Liz Martin-Malikian (top), Courtesy of Ali Gibbs (bottom)

Ceramics are BACK!

New kilns at Cosanti and Arcosanti studios

20220310_124338 edit.jpg

Our ceramic artisans at Cosanti and Arcosanti were thrilled to receive new kilns at both locations last week!


Our new kilns are from Skutt Kilns & Potter's Wheels. They will make a huge difference to both teams of artisans, and allow us to more easily meet the ever-increasing demand for the beautiful hand-made bells, planters, and tiles they create every day.

Special thanks to Hurtado Zimmerman SC for the donation that allowed us to upgrade the electrical system in the Arcosanti Ceramics Apse to support the new kiln, and to Marjon Ceramics, Inc. for the door-to-door delivery of both kilns.


Our ceramic production will be ramping back up in the coming weeks (just in time for Spring planting!) so be sure to keep an eye out during your visit for some of our new and special designs.

Heath Vinnings, Assistant Ceramics Manager at Arcosanti displays his latest creation!

Photo by: Liz Martin-Malikian

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Artisanti Editor: Beth Renfro

Contributing: Liz Martin Malikian, Ali Gibbs, Warren Steckel and Kate Bemesderfer.

Photo credits: Jessica Jameson Photo (header/footer)