July 2022 Newsletter

July 2022 Newsletter

Take a look at what's going on at Cosanti Originals this summer!

July 15, 2022 Volume 28

The Green Goddess Sculpture

Unique sculpture installation takes shape at Paradise Valley home

Cosanti Originals recently unveiled a large collaborative installation at a nearby private residence in Paradise Valley. Titled "Green Goddess," the sculpture is a collaboration between Ryan McCallister, a former foundry artisan and now owner and artisan of McCallister Sculptures, and current Cosanti Originals jewelry designer Jason Catlin. Catlin infused pieces of the Cosanti Originals' "Landscape" and "Peace for Space" arcology-inspired jewelry collections as inspiration for the piece.


The foundry team at Cosanti also played an important role in commissioning the sculpture. Foundry artist, Chris Hardy, assembled the bell elements and created custom hanging brackets using the lost Styrofoam technique. He also designed the brackets in the style of the Soleri pieces and cast these brackets at Cosanti.

From left to right: Jason Catlin, Ryan McCallister

The Green Goddess got her name from the property at which she will be installed. The property she is located on in Paradise Valley was once the home of a tree nursery. The nursery was there in the 70s before the neighborhood and homes were developed. The surrounding area has some of the largest trees in the valley. The property owner believes the sculpture will enhance the Paradise Valley Community Experience.


The armature consists of 18 windbells and 8 links. When the wind blows the diamond-shaped fins hanging from the windbells create a soft ringing sound. The bell arms are attached to the armature by a large hand-crafted chain. The chain allows the 2 bell arms to sway and rotate creating an ever-changing interaction of angles and shapes between the two bell arms. 

Cosanti's Pink House Gets A New Roof

Donation from Carlisle Companies of sustainable roofing materials contributes to Cosanti restoration project

The Cosanti Foundation, our parent organization, announced this week that it is the recent recipient of a significant gift of sustainable, high-efficiency roofing materials from the Carlisle Companies. This generous, in-kind donation is being immediately utilized as a part of The Cosanti Foundation’s ongoing project to restore Cosanti, one of its two signature Arizona properties (the other is our sister site, Arcosanti, near Mayer). For nearly 60 years, it was the home and studios of artist, architect, and author Paolo Soleri, who, along with his family and students, built all of the unique, earth-cast structures at Cosanti between 1955 and 1976.



The Pink House currently during renovation.

The Carlisle Companies’ donation will help The Cosanti Foundation to complete two crucial components of the site’s restoration: Pink House and Cat Cast.


As the original ranch house on the property, Pink House predates the Soleri’s purchase of the land in 1955. A private residence until Soleri’s passing in 2013, Pink House has never before been open to the public, despite being the first structure most visitors encounter. After renovation, Pink House will re-emerge as the new offices for Cosanti-based staff of The Cosanti Foundation and Cosanti Originals, and as an ADA-accessible Welcome Center for daily visitors.


The Carlisle Companies’ contribution of high-end roofing material plays a critical role in allowing The Cosanti Foundation to provide a climate-controlled environment while preserving the historic character of the building, whose original exterior walls and vintage hearth will remain entirely intact. Reroofing is underway as of this donation, with Pink House expected to open to the public in early 2023.

Join our team! 


Cosanti Originals is looking for talented, energetic artisans to join our Foundry team. We are seeking individuals with a strong sense of creativity, a willingness to learn new skills, and a desire to be part of something bigger than themselves. 


To apply, email info@cosanti.com with "Cosanti Originals Foundry" in your subject line. Please provide a resume and cover letter in the email.

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