April 7th, 2021 Newsletter

April 7th, 2021 Newsletter

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April 7, 2021 Volume 7

The Sound of Unity

Windbells Ring in Remembrance at the Unity of Tucson

Near the roofline, an impressive display of over 200 patinaed bronze Cosanti Windbells beautifully encircle the central building on the grounds of Unity of Tucson. For this spiritual center in Arizona's Catalina Foothills, the bells have become a way of remembering those loved ones who've passed away as well as honoring those still among us. “This tradition has grown since the first few bells were hung in 1986 to become a signature focal point of our community," says Fredrick Linthicum, Unity’s administrator. "Even out-of-state visitors have been inspired to memorialize someone in this unique way here."

People take great care when choosing their windbell, selecting a favored design, and ringing bell after bell to find just the right one with just the right sound. On the half-moon on the Unity of Tucson’s church, the windbells are hung and assigned a number. A large map near the windbell installation identifies whose bell is whose and often includes the name of the person the windbell is intended to honor or remember. 

For visitors to the Unity of Tucson, Cosanti Windbells have become a popular attraction and over the past 35 years, their collection has grown to an impressive 218 bronze bells. You can hear the bells ringing while walking along Unity’s open-to-the-public meditation path and labyrinth. Says Fredrick, "The connection people have to the bells just keeps growing. They are inspiring tributes and a beautiful way to remember or pay homage to someone who means something special to us."



The Unity of Tucson spiritual center is part of a larger network of progressive faith philosophies that promote an approach to living that supports health, prosperity, happiness, peace of mind, self-respect, and self-reliance through affirmative prayer and spiritual education. They're currently planning to create another area at Unity of Tucson dedicated to their Cosanti Windbell tradition. Learn more on Unity's website here

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It Was an Honor

Just to be Nominated

Cosanti Originals was “bell-ighted” to be a recent finalist for a Governor’s Arts Award in the category of “Large Business.”


It was funny to think of ourselves as a large business because we run like a small, boutique operation. Being nominated for the award helped us reflect on just how big we actually are: with a foundry and ceramics studio at both Cosanti and Arcosanti, along with office and remote staff, Cosanti Originals employs over 45 people. 


Though we didn’t take home the award this year, we were one of three finalists to beat out over 150 other arts-related business nominees...and that really rang our bell! 

Cosanti Originals Director of Retail and General Manager Vickie Mayer poses by our best-selling rain chains holding our finalist award.

Sibling Revelry

National Siblings Day Inspires A Special

Artisan Spotlight Feature on Two Bell-making Brothers

April 10th is National Siblings Day and we're celebrating with a story about some of "our" brothers. Brothers Dillon and Brenden Quibin grew up in Long Beach, CA, surrounded by music, art, and many friends in a tight-knit neighborhood. When a childhood friend moved to Arcosanti, the Quibin brothers visited, felt at home, and eventually came to call it home.

Pictured Above: Brenden Quibin

Pictured Above: Dillon Quibin

Dillon moved to Arcosanti seven years ago when he was only 19 and his older brother Brenden, followed in his footsteps four years later. “We've always had a close connection, but working together has definitely brought us closer," Brenden says, laughing. Dillon agreed, adding “We know each other’s personalities and how the other operates."


As artisans, their mutual interest in anime and video games is a source of inspiration...but their favored designs are very different, even when they use the same tools. Brenden uses a pendant originally from an anime necklace to carve designs into the foundry sand. “Our designs have a lot to do with the tools we use, so we like to trade tools with each other and the other foundry artisans to experiment with different options to create new shapes and patterns.”

Like their work pace (Dillon is quick, Brenden takes his time) or their preferred designs (Brenden favors abstract shapes, Dillon gravitates toward natural elements like sunsets and flowers), the bronze windbells the Quibin brothers handcraft are at once different and similar. They complement each other just like the brothers themselves...and to us, that really “has a nice ring to it.”


It's a Family Affair

The Quibin brothers aren’t the only pair of siblings at Cosanti Originals; down at Cosanti in Paradise Valley, is another pair of brothers: the Steckels.


Warren, who started working at Cosanti 17 years ago, is the Foundry Manager there and younger brother Dylan came on board last fall. For the past year and a half, we’ve even had the Steckel brothers’ Aunt Cass working in our galleries on the weekends.


Says Vickie Mayer, Director of Retail and General Manager of Cosanti Originals,

“With a great many of our artisans and administrative staff being with us for a decade – sometimes more – it really does feel like a family…and for some like the Quibins and Steckels, it really is!”

Warren and Dylan.jpeg
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