April 20th, 2021 Newsletter

April 20th, 2021 Newsletter

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April 20, 2021 Volume 8


Down to Earth

Embracing Earth Day 365 Days a Year

First founded in 1970 as a day of education about environmental issues, Earth Day will be celebrated around the world again this Thursday, April 22. For the past 51 years, this holiday designed to raise awareness about the impact of humankind on our planet has been successful in focusing attention on issues like air and water pollution, natural resource scarcity, population growth, and climate change, if only for one day.

Being part of The Cosanti Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to influencing the way our “built world” is created in balance with the environment, at Cosanti Originals every day is “earth day”- from the place where we work and the processes we use, to our people and our products. We like to say that “our buildings work harder” and indeed they seem to. Our distinctive apse structures create cool or warm micro-climates within them, depending on the position of the sun in the sky. A lower sun in winter traps the warmth inside the apse, while a higher sun in summer shades the

interior of the apse from the heat’s intensity. This effect allows our artisans to comfortably work outdoors year-round. For the artisans at Cosanti Originals (whose foundries and ceramics studios are at both Arcosanti and Cosanti), working outdoors year-round means that the natural world surrounds your "office." Structures are built around trees

instead of trees being removed so structures can be built, birds build nests in hanging ceramic planters tagged for sale, and there’s the occasional snake or strange spider that wanders in...and that we kindly, helpfully, carefully show the way out. When you think about it, even our handmade windbells couldn't be more earthy: bronze is an alloy

made mostly of copper, a mineral, while clay is a natural soil material. The silt from the beds where some styles of our ceramic bells are made is used over and over again. The same is true for the foundry sand, first compacted in molds and then individually carved with designs. After the freshly-cast bronze windbells are broken out of the sand, it's swept up and saved for the next round of pouring and casting.


It's interesting to consider that before "repurposing, reusing, and recycling" was commonplace lingo, it's been our mantra for how we build and work at Arcosanti and Cosanti for over 50 years. Fun fact: The distinctive round windows in the Soleri drafting studio at Cosanti are sewer pipe connectors!


Next time you visit one of our culturally significant sites, we hope you’ll take a guided tour and learn more about the progressive ideas behind the provocative architecture. Or perhaps when your windbell rings, we hope you’ll stop and think about the natural materials it’s made from.


Happy Earth Day...every day!

Photo credits, top to bottom: Paolo Soleri Archives at Arcosanti, Jessica Jameson Photo, Celeste Plitz, Seth Winslow, Paolo Soleri Archives at Arcosanti, Jessica Jameson Photo

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Photo credit: Jessica Jameson Photo

Good Design is All i the Details

Cosanti Windbells Complete this Carmel, CA Home

Kurt K. had had his eye on two larger windbells at Cosanti Originals for quite a while, but he just didn’t have a space where he could really feature them...until now. The Carmel, California resident recently completed an extensive renovation to his 1967 home to not only refresh its aesthetic, but also take in the breathtaking views of the coastline and wooded hillside where it sits.  

After 14 months, Kurt’s now minimalist, Japandi-style home welcomes visitors with a patinaed Cosanti Windbell next to the front door. The vibrant green hue of the #121B bell contrasts pleasantly with the neutral and understated color scheme of Kurt’s home which now includes a guest house, swimming pool, spa, and those amazing views of the Pacific.

His #129 windbell is installed outside the expansive windows of his guest house, catching in the wind and casting beautiful shadows. Says Kurt, “I have imagined owning both of these styles of windbells for decades...and it has been worth the wait! I am fortunate to own a home that compliments their design and aesthetic.” Mirroring the attention-to-detail evident in every fixture, finish, and furnishing choice in his renovated home, Kurt had a specific vision for the windbells he chose...down to specifying a subdued patina finish and longer chain length. 

Working closely with Foundry Manager Warren Steckel, Kurt described his ideas, and Warren got right to work on modestly customizing the two windbells Kurt selected. Says Warren, “When people think about custom work or modifications to our windbells, they tend to think of these big, involved projects. But it’s just as enjoyable and creative a process for us as artisans to work with someone who has an idea about how just a small change can make a big impact for what they’re trying to do.” 

Photo credits, top to bottom: courtesy Kurt K., Jessica Jameson Photo

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