The Green Goddess Sculpture

The Green Goddess Sculpture

Cosanti Originals recently unveiled a large collaborative installation at a nearby private residence in Paradise Valley. Titled "Green Goddess," the sculpture is a collaboration between Ryan McCallister, a former foundry artisan and now owner and artisan of McCallister Sculptures, and current Cosanti Originals jewelry designer Jason Catlin. Catlin infused pieces of the Cosanti Originals' "Landscape" and "Peace for Space" arcology-inspired jewelry collections as inspiration for the piece.

The foundry team at Cosanti also played an important role in commissioning the sculpture. Foundry artist, Chris Hardy, assembled the bell elements and created custom hanging brackets using the lost Styrofoam technique. He also designed the brackets in the style of the Soleri pieces and cast these brackets at Cosanti.

The Green Goddess got her name from the property at which she will be installed. The property she is located on in Paradise Valley was once the home of a tree nursery. The nursery was there in the 70s before the neighborhood and homes were developed. The surrounding area has some of the largest trees in the valley. The property owner believes the sculpture will enhance the Paradise Valley Community Experience.

The armature consists of 18 windbells and 8 links. When the wind blows the diamond-shaped fins hanging from the windbells create a soft ringing sound. The bell arms are attached to the armature by a large hand-crafted chain. The chain allows the 2 bell arms to sway and rotate creating an ever-changing interaction of angles and shapes between the two bell arms.


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