More to Explore, Much to Discover

More to Explore, Much to Discover

 An expansion to our gallery space at Cosanti Originals is complete! Whether you’re exploring the site as part of our newly rebooted guided tours or you’re visiting for the highly anticipated Annual Bronze Bell Sale (October 19th - 22nd from 9am-5pm)  – we’ve got new additions to our bronze bells collection for you to explore. Foundry Artisan Chris Hardy has been crafting extraordinary bell assemblies this past month and they’re finally ready for you to take home. 

“I wanted to create a collection of bells that appeal to the customer who wants something more unique– more bespoke than our catalog of items. I draw my inspiration from both Paolo’s drawings and graphics, as well as our existing bell clusters and trees that can be found across our gallery space. Some of my original work drew its inspiration from a workshop poster. (Pictured below)

Screen-printed poster with black text and architectural illustration

I wanted to recreate the visual energy of the ‘rising sun’ located on the bottom of the poster while also playing with the visual weight of the linkages – a nod to the brutalist design and typeface in the poster. It’s exciting to be able to create outside the box to complement our gallery space with an array of entirely new products.”


Brutalist bronze bell linkage hangers


You can find Chris Hardy’s linkages in the cove located directly across from our gallery building. A medley of one-of-a-kind bronze and ceramic assemblies will be waiting for you to discover during our Annual Bronze Bell Sale. While these special linkages won’t be on sale with the rest of our bronze bells – they’ll be flying off the hooks fast. Come check them out! 

To request a custom, special linkage from Chris, please contact him at


Poster courtesy of The Cosanti Foundation Archives 

Photos by J. David Tabor