Introducing Our New Gift Box Design

Introducing Our New Gift Box Design

We are thrilled to announce that we have a new gift box design!

The selected box design was created by our Cosanti Originals foundry artisan, Jeff Hildebrandt. This design truly reflects the history, iconography, texture, and colors of our Originals brand—patina bells, ceramic bells, and tiles for marketing purposes. Our patrons will be leaving with not only the purchase of our artisan-made craftworks but will also take a "piece of Cosanti" with them. 

"With the opportunity to design our new gift box, I chose to look at the designs on the property. I was drawn to the EarthCast colorful geometric wall forms of the Cat Cast House. I felt that these geometric earthen "tiles" really represent Cosanti Originals and thus began to design a repeated tile pattern that encompasses all our handmade wares - bronze bells, ceramic bells, and ceramic tiles through color and form," says Jeff.

Our new recycled material gift box will be available to purchase online and at both gallery locations this fall. Keep an eye out for these new gift boxes coming soon!


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