Cosanti's "Cat-Cast" Skylights Get An Upgrade

Cosanti's "Cat-Cast" Skylights Get An Upgrade

Built in 1965, Cosanti's "Cat-Cast" building⎯named for a small Caterpillar tractor that was used to rough cut and shape the earth pile on which the concrete roof was cast⎯houses several private sleeping rooms, a bathroom and shower, a below ground level library, living room, kitchen and dining room. 

Photo (right) provided by The Cosanti Foundation
Photo (below): Jessica Jameson


Ground floor skylights along the building's entryway let natural light into the lower gathering room of the residence and provide a unique birds-eye perspective of its interior. While these skylights are not part of the public walking path, visitors on the guided tour will notice the colorful, custom-cut plexiglass panes that have been newly-installed as part of our ongoing effort to maintain, preserve, and improve upon these awe-inspiring spaces at Cosanti.
Photos by: Dakota Peterson

With our upgraded skylights are in place, we plan to transform the gutters around each panel into a rosemary planter⎯both for the pleasant scent and to keep mosquitos away as the summer months quickly approach.

Come see the progress for yourself by booking a guided tour at Cosanti, offered Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9:15am and 11:15am.