The Beauty In Art And Metalwork: Molly Almeida, Arcosanti Foundry

The Beauty In Art And Metalwork: Molly Almeida, Arcosanti Foundry

Molly is from Rhode Island and grew up living around different parts of the northeast. She learned about Arcosanti through a YouTube video, which led her to apply for a graphic design internship at the foundation in 2016. She left Arcosanti to return to college. After graduation, one of her old friends told her there was an opening in the foundry, so she jumped at the opportunity. She moved back to Arcosanti in the summer of 2021.

In college, she studied fine art printmaking and got really into metallic pigments and reflective materials. She thought she might want to continue her education by studying metalworking. It seemed most opportune to have a job where she could creatively work with metal alongside coworkers with varied skill sets.

She has quite a few favorites about her job. "First of all, it’s wonderful to be an artist with a full-time artisanal job where I get to be creative on a regular basis! The best part of the job is probably the work culture—it's like being part of a family! We work well together. We have respect for one another's abilities, talents, and limits."

When Molly designs, she draws inspiration from anything that reminds her of her romanticized view of the desert. Sand dunes, a warm breeze, the moon rising over the horizon. She uses a lot of curved lines and is always trying to create a balanced yet dynamic composition.

"It's always a fun challenge and opportunity to create new designs from the same tools with the same molds. You can push an idea to many variations and refine your craft. The difference in bell shapes drastically changes what I can do with my tools; it affects how an impression is made. I prefer designing bells with flat faces. Tiles are my favorite; my coworkers joke with me, calling them "Molly's famous tiles." On days when I feel creative, I can look at a bell mold and see a design on it as if it were supposed to be there—those are satisfying days!" says Molly.

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