First Bronze Pouring With Richard Sanchez: An Artist Explores Collaboration in an Experimental Space

First Bronze Pouring With Richard Sanchez: An Artist Explores Collaboration in an Experimental Space

When you think about artists, what comes to mind? A messy room covered in paint and paper. A workshop full of tools and a mess of materials. You might imagine a quiet studio where artists are surrounded by their creations, working alone or with one or two other people.

But here at Arcosanti Cosanti Originals foundry, we believe that artists are not just about making things—that's just the beginning. We believe that art is about collaboration and community because when you have a space where people can come together and make things together, everyone benefits from the experience.

And now we're excited to announce that one of our newest Arcosanti Cosanti Originals foundry artisans, Richard Sanchez, has had his first pour as part of his artisan experience! We use the same technique handed down for 65+ years, and our master foundry artisans pass along the knowledge to new artisans on the process of bronze pouring.

Photo Credits: Ali Gibbs and Molly Almeida

Richard is originally from Miami, Florida, where he studied Fine Arts and Sculpture at the New World School of the Arts in Downtown Miami. His professional background is in furniture design and woodworking. Before he came to Arcosanti, he spent some time as a boatbuilder, working on sailboats.

Richard began studying architecture at The School of Architecture at Arcosanti, where he received his master's degree. He lived at Arcosanti while he finished his masters program and spent time at Cosanti as well. Now he is a resident of the Arcosanti community.

"I have always been interested in making objects and creating fine designs," says Richard. "I am interested in working with different materials and methods to push my artistic boundaries."

He tries to focus on making compositions where each element begins to turn or push past the other. When elements appear to move toward each other, they build tension just before they touch. He's interested in arranging compositions that allow your eyes to travel around the composition in either an open or closed direction.

Richard encourages others to visit Arcosanti and imagine a life in a community with other artists and creative people and ask themselves what can be learned from choosing an alternative lifestyle.

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